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To provide funds to the project developer for the construction of 5 affordable and subsidized housing in Depok, Indonesia.

Salaam Citayam

Depok, Indonesia
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    "Retail investors: Base ROI Silver investors: 1% higher ROI Gold & Platinum investors: Exclusive ROI"
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    6-8 months

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    SGD $86,250.00

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    SGD $86,250.00

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This campaign is fully funded.

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Depok, Indonesia
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Key Facts

  • Empower low-income families

    Empower low-income families in owning their own homes

  • Break the poverty cycle

    Assist in breaking the poverty cycle that needy families are prone to

  • Directly improve the standard of living

    As home ownership leads to a renewed sense of confidence and pride – You will directly improve the standard of living for Indonesian families!

  • Be Part of the One Million Homes Programme

    This campaign is part of the Indonesian government’s national drive to solve its national housing shortage.

  • 9.2% Projected Return

    Do good and earn 9.2% in only 6-8 months.

What are the risks?

No business in the real world is risk-free – we work hard to minimise it:

  • All 5 units already have potential home-buyers who have paid booking fees to the developer
  • Our strict internal project screening process ensures we only partner with proven project Developers. PT Dhuha Anugerah Indonesia has proven its ability to consistently complete projects on time
  • A buffer of 2 months has been added to the repayment period of between 6 to 8 months, in case of unforeseen delays
  • Any exchange rate changes to the Singapore Dollar (SGD) will be absorbed by PT Ethis Indo Asia. Investors may invest in their respective currencies, which will then be converted SGD. The SGD amount received will be reflected in the investment contract

Risk Statement: In all real-world projects, there is always the risk of losing your capital. In our past crowdfunding projects, the main risk has been delays. Invest only what you can afford and consider diversifying to reduce risk.

Social Impact

  • Assist low-income families to proudly own their own houses and break out of poverty
  • Shelter is a basic human right – we directly help provide a solution for this.
  • Provide stability for families to focus on other forms of empowerment such as entrepreneurship, education and financial inclusion
  • Create more direct jobs that enhance the standard of living for the local community

Market Info

Indonesia faces substantial demand for affordable housing, with one million new units needed annually. Since it faces a critical shortage of housing, the government is trying to assist developers to build more low-cost, affordable houses.

Investor Payout & Exit Strategy

Our project partner PT Dhuha Anugerah Indonesia is offering this short-term investment opportunity to EthisCrowd to further continue its mission of uplifting communities by providing houses that are affordable, easily accessible, and sold in compliance with Shariah.

The campaign’s scheduled duration is between 6 to 8 months, over one contract cycle. A buffer of two months is included to account for any unforeseen delays.

The crowd will receive a share of the profit from the sale of the homes to the end buyers and can expect an ROI of 9.2%

As illustrated in the above diagram:

  • The scheduled duration of the project is 6 to 8 months.
  • The crowd has a stake in the profits generated from the project, and can expect a projected profit of 9.2%
  • The minimum investment for this project is set at SGD 30,000 (USD 22,049)


While we do our best to source projects that are commercially viable, we strongly advise you to perform your own research with regards to your investments. Ethis is not a financial advisor, we match you to carefully selected project partners and help to organise legally-binding contractual arrangements with them.

Risk Profile

The major risk in real estate is unforeseen delays in its scheduled development. However, do not worry as we’ve employed the necessary mechanisms to significantly reduce time frame and delay risk, execution risk, foreign exchange risk and as many market risks as we possibly can.

Developer’s Profile

Our project partner PT Dhuha Anugerah Indonesia possesses an excellent track record, and extensive experience in the real estate construction industry. They have been very successful in acquiring and developing land into suitable and decent residences. Its projects include Green Kemuning Village at Bojong Gede, and Dalung village located at Serang.

Campaign Facts

A detailed overview of all the information and specifics related to the Salaam Citayam campaign can be viewed here: